For us, employees and their well-being are paramount

JoNi Connect Fair labor for everyone

We are JoNi Connect. To us, everybody is equal. We therefore think it is normal for our employees to be treated fairly. Wages should be paid on time; personal information needs to be available at all times and you should not hear important news from others.

We are Joanna and Niki and with JoNi Connect we form a bridge between employees and clients all over the world. Putting equal rights, equal duties and good working conditions at the center of our activities.

Employees first To our beliefs, a safe and pleasant working environment is crucial. We therefore do everything in our power to assure this.
Equal treatment With us, everyone is treated the same. Whether you are a client or colleague, we will take you seriously and we will not favor anyone.
Access to information We offer complete transparency. You can reach out to us for all of your questions and you and your family can contact us anytime.
Personal approach It’s important to know your employees in person. At JoNi Connect, you will not feel like just another number on the list, but as a much-appreciated colleague.